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Du Lịch Thái Lan
Tour du lịch Ma-lay-xi-a

Công ty du lịch dấu ấn - dịch vụ tour du lịch

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Đặt phòng trực tuyến, hoặc gọi

Hà Nội: 02466640777 - 093311336

Sài Gòn: 02839147038 - 0977520979


Accountant and Deputy Secretary General

Nga means swan, so she very nice and cute, she graduated from Finance University in 2006. She have work for Impress Travel for five years, For Nga “ Swan” Impress Travel is similar her family.

She likes numbers and especially number one and number nine, because of this number always bring her happiness and good luck. Her work is very hard but she perfectly has completed her Job.

Her guideline is “Take it easy “

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